13 Things You Didn’t Know About Massage

Only 32% of adult Americans received a massage in the past 5 years. And even fewer get massages on a regular basis. So it’s not surprising that most people don’t know much about massage.

Here are some fun facts to build your knowledge:

1. Massage can help you sleep better. (Even if you don’t fall asleep during your massage.)

2. When your back hurts, that might not be the only area that needs massage. Sometimes back pain comes from the hips, legs or even the abdominal muscles.

3. Likewise, sometimes hand, and arm pain is caused by dysfunction in the neck and shoulders.

4. You can stop a massage session at any time. You never give up control of your body. At any time during a massage you can say “no”, “stop”, or even “can you just work on my neck for the rest of the time and skip everything else?” If you are uncomfortable or feel like the therapist isn’t hearing your feedback, or if you just feel like the table is too hard and you have to pee and gosh, this is awful. You can end it.

5. Massage can help your mood. It’s been shown to be helpful in treating both anxiety and depression.

6. Even small therapists can provide extremely deep pressure. It’s not about size, it’s about the techniques we use!

7. Massage doesn’t ‘detoxify’ your body. That whole thing is a silly myth. It was taught in many schools and you may have heard me say it, back before I knew better. But we know now that it’s just not true.

8. Massage is safe in the first trimester of pregnancy (unless there are unusual health issues).  Some practitioners choose to not do it, but that’s a liability choice and they might ask you for a prescription from your OBGYN. If you’re not sure if the practitioner does pregnancy massage please don’t hesitate to contact them.

9. Deep tissue massage, or any massage, doesn’t need to be painful to be effective. For reals. Run screaming from any practitioner who insists there needs to be pain in a treatment. But remember, the therapist might find areas that you didn’t even know was tender.

10. Scars are living tissue that can be transformed with massage and other manual therapies, no matter how old they are. And they can be affecting you in places farther away from the visible scar than you’d ever suspect.

11. It’s OK to focus on certain areas of discomfort and not always get a full body session. If you only want your arms massaged, that’s fine, too.

12. Your massage therapist loves your feedback. We like to know if you hate having your feet touched, and if you love having your ears massaged. We like knowing your musical preference and if you prefer to start face down or face up.

13. It’s also okay if you prefer to let our hands do the walking to design the specific treatment plan tailored to your specific needs for the session based on what we feel.

Do you have questions about massage?
Email me at nourishingmassage@gmail.com or
ask me at your next appointment (BOOK HERE) and I would LOVE to answer them!

Yours in health,
Dana Brandt-Tinker

Solar Eclipse- August 21, 2017

As most of you know, the vacation that Brian and I took in August was part one of our honeymoon that we were unable to take last year due to me being sick. I have family down in Tennessee, and instead of making them drive all the way up to Ohio for our wedding for only a few hours we decided that part one of our honeymoon we would drive down to Tennessee so we could spend more time with them.

We made the decision last year to visit during the solar eclipse. Since many of you have asked for pictures of the solar eclipse I wanted to share these pictures with you. Yes, I know the pictures don’t give you the experience of actually viewing it yourself, but I highly recommend to view the next solar eclipse that is coming through Cleveland on April 8, 2024. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget! I’m so grateful that I was well enough to experience it with my family.

Here is what I personally experienced.
1. As the moon started covering the sun the temperature started to drop quickly and drastically.
2. As it got darker the crickets, frogs, and nightlife started to sing their songs and the birds became less active.
3. When the moon was completely covering the sun I was surprised by how light it still was due to the corona surrounding the moon.
4. As it started to become lighter the crickets, frogs and nightlife started to quiet down, and the birds became more active and were extremely disoriented. 

I’ll stop making you read and get to the pictures already!

All photos were taken by my husband Brian.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Yours in health,
Dana M. Brandt-Tinker

You Too Could Be Suffering: Educate Yourself on Thyroid Issues

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if you have heard of the YouTube channel AwakenWithJP but I started watching his JP Sears’s videos when I was sick last year. He’s an emotional healing coach, but what I love about his YouTube channel is that he brings comedy into his videos. This was exceptionally wonderful because even with all the pain I was in I would look forward to his videos because I would be able to find a few moments of laughter.

To get to the point, he just recently put up a new video about Thyroid Issues so of course I clicked on it. I urge you to watch the video through it’s entirety. As there is a nine part video series that you can watch for free about thyroid issues.

Did you know that one out of three Americans have thyroid issues, it might help you, or it might help a friend or loved one suffering for this debilitating silent disease. Even doctors have a hard time pinpointing thyroid issues until it is too late.

Dana M. Brandt-Tinker


Wedding Photos 2016

Hi Everyone,

Brian and I received our wedding photos back from our photographer last night. So as promised here is the link to our wedding photos. I wish you all could have been there!


I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did!

Yours in health,
Dana M. Brandt- Tinker

PS. Remember I’m taking a limited amount of massage appointments a week in my Cuyahoga Falls location to help me slowly  get back into the swing of things after getting off medical leave.  Please feel free to book your appointment online.

Business and Life Update: October 2016

Hello Everyone:

It 5:00 AM here and I can’t sleep due to increased pain, so I thought that I would write to you. This might end up being long. So feel free to stop reading at anytime. But, please make sure to read the business update section as I am starting to take appointments.

First off, I want to apologize for being absent during this time.  I’m still trying to get a grasp on “this” I don’t even know what to call it without it not sounding negative. I don’t want to call it a disease or an illness because those words to me don’t sound positive and I’m trying so hard to stay positive through this.  It easy to fall into the slumps, but I NEED to stay strong because I know ultimately that is going to help me heal.

Medical Update: I’m genuinely having more and more days that are consecutively better. I had blood tests done in late September to check my Free T3 levels. My levels increased from 2.3 to 2.8. I’m healing, but it’s just taking a LONG TIME! Optimally, my doctor would like to see my levels up around a 4.2. It took my body close to 4 months to go from a 2.3 to a 2.8. My doctor increased my T3 again so I’m up to 7.5 mcg twice a day. Remember, Free T3 supplies all your cells with all the energy they need to perform their proper functions. When it’s low your cells cannot create enough energy and then your body starts taking it’s energy from your muscles. So it’s crucial to build up my T3 so I can have energy to perform normal daily tasks. I’m still taking all my supplements to help my adrenal glands heal too.

Life Update: I’m now married.  Brian and I were married on October 8th at 5 PM.  It was a very small, intimate wedding without the glitz and glam.  It was focused around us and around close family and friends.  Instead of thinking of it as a wedding it was more of a dinner celebration. It still seems surreal.  It went by so fast!  I wish you all could have been at our wedding, but we needed to keep it small. We have not received any pictures back from our photographer yet, but when we do I’ll be sure to to send you all the link. FYI- My new name is Dana Marie Brandt-Tinker.


Business Update: I am now starting to “try” to take clients.  This is more of a test to see how my body responds because I’m far from being healing fully.  In my brain I had imagined that I would try to have four clients a week and only working two days a week to help build up my stamina and strength again since my muscles have atrophied. But, that proved to be a bad idea as this past Tuesday my dear parents came over to be “guinea pigs” to see how my body would respond when I gave them a massage. Well, I wasn’t able to do a full two hours of hands on time, which I was hoping that I could do.  I got to 90 minutes and my hands started to “burn” so I had to stop.  When I refer to the “burning” feeling imagine hot lava running through your veins and a really deep itch that you cannot scratch. Multiply that image by 10, and that is how my body feels on any given day. Now, add on the feeling of having your hands and feet disconnected from your body because they feel like a wadded up ball of cotton.  It’s like the wadded up ball of cotton (my hands) were burning from hot molten lava. It sounds terrible, but I want to be nothing but open and honest with you. So this lead me to think of another way where I can gradually get back to work without causing a flare up. Now, my brain is thinking that it would be best for me to spread my clients out across three days and only have one client per day. So this is what I am hoping to do this coming week on November 1, 3 and 4. If anyone is interested please feel free to book an appointment online.  I will only be taking 1 client per day, so when that day fills up I will block it off. Please understand that I’ll do my best to keep your appointment, but if the pain is too bad I will need cancel.  I know this isn’t fair to you, but it’s the best I can do until I build up strength and stamina again. The last thing I would want to do is to push myself to come back too quickly and then have to leave again because my body can’t handle it.

Rockwell Update: Please understand that I have to build up my stamina and strength before I come back. I’m hoping to come back in December working only two hours a week to see how my body feels and then gradually increase my hours at Rockwell. But right now, I think it is crucial for me to start off in Cuyahoga Falls to see how my body responds. I love you all and I want you to be able to depend on me. I want to be able to help you all with your pain. But, I can’t help you if I have nothing left in me to give.

I’m going to cut this short.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I would love the company!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful words of encouragement you have been sending my way.  It continues to give me the strength I need to get through the difficult days! I couldn’t have done it without you!