Below are the past issues of Nourishing Massage Newsletters.

Jan/Feb 2013
In this issue you will learn on how Investing In Massage Is Also Investing In Your Health, How Happiness is Contagious, and the benefits of Massage for Seniors.

May/June 2013
In this issue you will learn what to look for when purchasing a proper sunscreen, and the benefits of lavender and melaluca (tea tree) oil.   

July/ August 2013
In this issue you will learn about the importance of communicating to your massage therapist during your session, the importance of staying hydrated before and after your session, and the benefits of a restful sleep for your body to heal.   

September/ October 2013
In this issue you can help enlighten other about the benefits of massage, and how by sharing your personal story to friend, coworkers and your family (kids included) can really help someone.  Who knows, your voice may be heard.  Massage is also very beneficial for old injuries.  I personally can attest to that.  Ask me why!

November/ December 2013
In this issue you will learn about the benefits of Reflexology and how to keep your feet active during this winter season.  Think about it, how many steps do your feet take within a day, a week, a year?  Make sure to take care of your feet, so they in return can take care of you.  Where would you be without your feet?

January/ February 2014
In this issue you will learn about the benefits of massage, along with how to obtain proper colon health.  Your colon and skin are your bodies way of proper elimination of toxins. Good digestive health and the health of your colon can mean health skin.  

March 2015
National Kidney Month
Do you suffer from constant back pain?  You could have a kidney issue.
Do you know that you kidney have the largest referral pain zone of all your other organs?

April 2015
National IBS Month
As a fellow IBS sufferer I have included tips and tricks in this article to help you manage and eliminate your symptoms.

May 2015
National Sun Awareness Month
Do you know the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen? Do you know which one is better to apply to your skin before sun exposure?  You can also make this DIY sunscreen also.