Nourishing Massage’s goal is to bring to you, “Massage With A Purpose”.

Dana aims high to create a one of a kind massage to bring you total wellness: mind, body and spirit.  “I like to leave my door “open” for communication.  So please take this opportunity and leave me an honest review below.
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  1. My brother suffered a TBI and Dana helped him relax and improve his range of motion through her gentle, calming techniques. It was such a blessing!

  2. Dana introduced me to the fact that massage is NOT just for relaxation. It is also therapeutic by increasing blood flow to tissues and whatever else! With her majic fingers and gentle pressure she has adjusted my crooked neck I knew nothing about. Then to my surprise she also used gentle pressure to expand my chest cavity to expand my lungs. All this and without pain! She is Magic!

  3. Stress is relieved. Back pain is relieved. Will need her magic hands to survive the weeding and planting. Dana has a calmness that relieves daily life pressures.

  4. Dana’s intuitive knowledge of how to relieve painful muscle tension is amazing. She is professional, respectful and a pleasure to visit. Thank you Dana for saving my neck.

  5. This was my first time on her table at Richfield Wellness Center. I was a bit nervous but Dayna’s professional manner put me at ease. Had some lower back pain and neck discomfort at the start of the session. I explained to her where the discomfort was and she worked on those areas. Discomfort was relieved. I plan on making another appointment because I have reached that magic age when necessary body parts just don’t work well at times. Thank you Dayna

  6. I have been recovering from a multiple fracture broken leg. Dana has done a great job breaking up the scar tissue. She really has a gift.

  7. Thank you Dana for my WONDERFUL Massage 03/05/13….It was so relaxing and I felt relaxed and over all just great after your massage! I will recommend you to others and I’m sure I will be back in the near future. Thank you again!

  8. How does a body get out of alignment? Don’t know but Dana found my body is crooked! Even tension in my hands and arms! It doesn’t help that I do lots of needlework. At least I now know what my back hurts and I don’t fold well when bending over. Will be seeing her again for these problems. Thank you !!!

  9. Dana does a great job stretching and soothing my neck discomfort . Love going to her!! Counting down the days till my next apt 🙂

  10. Dana did an awesome job with making me feel relaxed and feeling less pain in my body! she seems to know where all my aches are to help work them out so i can feel better! She knows how to make a person feel less stressed and feel almost pain free!

  11. Dana did an AMAZING job! She was able to work out all of my trouble spots and increased my range of motion in my neck. She is respectful and professional and such a lovely person to visit with. I will definitely return again!

  12. I have chronic muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders which leave me sleepless at night. Dana is able to relax the muscles targeting the trigger points and ease my pain.

  13. I had been having hip and knee tightness/soreness from running. Had never had a massage before and signed up based on the experiences of others. After each of my two sessions my legs felt wonderful. Dana noticed right away that one leg/knee was not aligned and was able to “fix” it. I immediately felt better and was able to run on it with no problems the next day. Thanks!

  14. Dana’s therapeutic massages work wonders. She’s discovered tightness in places I didn’t know I had muscles. She worked on my psoas muscles for an hour yesterday, and I woke up without a backache for the first time in a long time this morning. Each session I have with her brings more relief. Dana’s professionalism, expertise, and knowledge are top notch. She doesn’t just “rub muscles.” She teaches and explains. I always learn something new and come away feeling like it was well worth the time and expense. I highly recommend Dana to anyone considering massage.

  15. Dana is great. I’ve been having shoulder issues as a result of being on crutches for 3 months. After just 2 sessions with Dana, I have greatly improved range of motion. Those 2 sessions have done more than weeks of physical therapy.

  16. I was finally able to get a massage from Dana and wish I had a longer appointment, 30 minutes was just not enough!

    Dana was hired on as our massage therapist at the corporate Fitness Center I manage and i’m so glad she has been able to help our members and others within the company! Dana is truly magical and has such a passion for the work she does. So grateful to have Dana as part of our Fitness Center!

  17. I usually have trouble with my lower back and hamstrings, but have not had any issues since my visits to Dana. It is also great that she is in the Fitness Center.

  18. Well, had what felt like a normal massage yesterday, but running today was such a breeze, I can only attribute it to Dana’s energizing work. I can’t explain it, but was like I was coming off a week of rest (but didn’t because had run hard only two days ago), it felt virtually effortless. Thanks again!

  19. I could barely make it up the steps. It felt as though my knee just would give out and not hold me. Spasms were starting to go down my calf. Well, it wasn’t easy but after the pain left I am walking without pain..I am resting today due to being on my feet for the next 3 days. That will be the test! Thank you!!

  20. I have several muscular health issues… I have been seeing Dana for well over a year now. Her touch is healing and comforting. Her attitude is professional yet caring. She has made me feel a level of comfort that I have not felt in years. She is truly my healing angel, and has become one of my dearest friends!

  21. I’ve been experiencing some issues with a pulled hamstring and excessively tight IT band after overtraining slightly. Dana was really able to get to the affected area and bring some relief. She uses very innovative techniques and is truly knowledgeable about the body and it’s general needs. She is also very attentive and always asking questions of her client to ensure that their individual needs for massage and bodywork are covered during session. Great experience, will definitely be going back.

  22. Dana was everything that she described on her web site. The greeting was warm,and prompt,we chatted about what I wanted from this massage,and she did exactly what I wanted. Her table side manner is awesome,she is calm and always in control. I will definitely come back again, I know I am not just a number to her,she really cares about you,and your concerns. Those are qualities you don’t see from a lot of other massage practitioners.

  23. Dana has a wonderful touch and a great name!!!! She helps tremendously with my herniated disc in my neck/back. I leave her table not only relaxed but with a sense of healing. Her knowledge of the body and her calm spirit is the perfect mix for a great massage therapist. Her monthly visits to our office are a God send!

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