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Fun Facts About Nourishing Massage

If you are on Facebook, I’m sure you have come across the “newest” postings, where people post facts about themselves.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some facts that you might not know about Nourishing Massage.

1. Nourishing Massage was named after my favorite traditional cookbook called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  During my last year of the Massotherapy program at Cuyahoga Community College, I decided I wanted a name that really spoke about treating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.  Then, while on the phone with my mother (love you Mom, if you are reading this), I asked her opinion for a business name.  We ran through suggestion after suggestion, and then I looked up at my bookshelves for more ideas. Sitting there, staring back at me was the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.  It instantly spoke to me, because I wanted more than to just give a great massage to my clients.  To me, massage is about connecting with my clients on a deeper level to help guide them through areas in their life where they might feel stuck.  Nourishing means to me, to nurture every cell in my client’s body, inside and out.

2.  Growing up, I wanted to be a psychologist, physical therapist, professional dancer, and a graphic designer.  Well, I have found the perfect blend in massage therapy.

  • Psychologist: I’ve always been a patient person and love listening to people’s concerns.  I also love to help people.  I love being the needed ear and voice, if requested, to help guide them over the bumps that they are faced with.  In theory, this job sounded great, but then I found out how long I would have to go to school so I decided against it.  
  • Physical Therapist: being a dancer for 18 years, and also having a “disability” with my right foot really made me more aware of my body movement and mechanics.  I thought I could really help people with their “disabilities”.
  • Professional dancer: Dance was the second thing I learned to do after I started walking.  After my major surgery on my right foot, my pediatrician at the time advised my parents to get me into dance.  It became my form of physical therapy for years. Between, ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, modern and ballroom; dance is in my blood.
  • Graphic Designer: I have always loved to draw and art became another way to express myself.  I took art classes from elementary through high school.  But during my junior and senior year in high school, I enrolled in a Digital Design class at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. It was then where my love of art really blossomed and I was able to virtually change my art through the use of computer programs.  

The best thing about being a massage therapist is that I truly feel that I bring to the table the above listed professions that I wanted to be when I grew up.  

  • Psychologist: Because I listen to my clients’ concerns and try to help guide them. It’s amazing how our bodies can hold on to an emotion for a very long time, but once that emotion is released, then the body releases.
  • Physical Therapist: Because I encourage my clients to keep moving.  Or as Erik Dalton would say, “motion is lotion”.  It’s important to keep moving, not only so you don’t wake up with aches and pains, but so you don’t develop stiff joints and limited range-of-motion due to fascial restrictions and so much more!
  • Dancer: Because I envision myself dancing across my clients skin.  As a former dancer of 18 years, no longer being able to dance like I used to, I have found massage to be a perfect substitute.  Just wait until I start to learn something like this.
  • Graphic Designer: Because I am able to create and design all of my business materials the exact way I would want them.  

3.  I get asked a lot why I decided to go into massage therapy.

  • First, it stemmed from my Mom massaging my right foot while it was in horrific pain during my growth spurts as a little girl and after dancing on it for hours.  I remember countless times her massaging it and me falling asleep because it brought such relief.
  • Second, I remember when I was little my Mom and Dad’s neck and shoulders hurting and they always seemed to ask me to “rub” them.
  • Third, while taking care of my patients as a hospice aide, I realized I really enjoyed working with them one on one, becoming their voice that wasn’t being heard, and bringing peace to their final days here on earth.
  • Fourth, if it wasn’t for my Uncle Mike (I called him my uncle, but he was not blood related) recognizing the passion I had in me to take care of people, and encouraging me to enroll in at Cuyahoga Community College’s Massotherapy Program, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.  Fortunately, he was able to see me get my license, but was unable to receive a “proper” massage from me, a newly Licensed Massage Therapist.  I know to this day he is watching over me!

4.  My business logo, brochures, loyalty cards, webpage; basically all the design work I have designed on my own.  While still in massage school I started working on my business logo.  I hand drew it, scanned it in, and started editing it in Adobe Photoshop. Here are my rough drawings…nourishing

Wednesday, July 20, 2011It took me several hours to finally get it to look the way that I wanted it to, but I have to say so myself, I think it turned out better than I imagined.

5. My business logo has meaning.

  • First, I knew I wanted it to resemble nature, because getting back to the earth and treating it with the utmost respect is very important to me.  After, all what we put into the earth, she gives back to us.  Nourish the earth so she can nourish our bodies.
  • Second, I felt it had to have colors that reminded me of the oceans, because whenever I visited beaches I always felt at peace.
  • Third, I didn’t want any harsh lines.  I just wanted the text to flow like the waves of the ocean and the curves of the human body.
  • Fourth, I knew that I wanted flowers, specifically daisies in the logo, in honor of my Granny Daisy, she was a very special lady in my life who really left an imprint on my heart.  When visiting her, down in Tennessee, I also saw my first hummingbird ever while looking out her kitchen window, which has left me in love with these little creature ever since.  (Check out this video of me hand feeding them down in Hocking Hills, Ohio).  Which leads me to…
  • Fifth, I knew I wanted to have a hummingbird in my logo.  There are many people in my family that love these little creatures, and some of my favorite memories are of me sitting outside or looking through a window watching them.

6.  I’ve tried bringing Nourishing Massage to different locations for the past year and a half, but all the places that I have been I have felt that I can’t fully give my clients 100% of what I feel they need.  As of July this year, I have moved my business into my home.  Yes, I still have hesitations of bringing clients into my “personal space”.  But, I also feel that this is the best location for me, for the time being, because if my clients have questions about Paleo or Young Living Essential Oils, I can just open my cabinets, fridge and or freezer to show them first hand what I recommend.  My clients are very important to me, I consider them my extended family.  My mission is to lead my clients towards a path of total body wellness.

I encourage you to ask more questions in the comments section down below to get to know more about me and the plans I have for Nourishing Massage’s future.

Dana M. Brandt
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